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Taken from Going Atlantic City

Ok, the male revue stripper thing was not the direction our bachelorette party was looking to do but wound up doing because we ran so late to our 8pm dinner reservation that Carmines had canceled it all together. One of the girls used her blackberry and found a male strip club and male revue close by and we decided to try and salvage the night. When we got there we had seen a line with about 100 or more girls on it and knew it must be the place. Inside it was nicely packed but not over crowded. There were male strippers dancing on podiums and a huge video screen playing video clips of the different SavageMen male strip shows as well as commercials and stuff from TV shows and talk shows the guys had been on. The video stuff was very impressive and we recognized some of the guys right off. The show turned out to be pretty amazing and the sexy strippers very down to Earth and personable. Our bachelorette party was so happy that the dinner didn't come through. We then found that we also get free admission into Casba which saved us another $20 each. The show was great and I would highly reccomend it.

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Taken from AC Weekly

We came all the way from Boston to experience our Jersey girls bachelorette party in Atlantic City at the Borgata. The place is beautiful and the activities are plentiful. We had a great time running around but unfortunately the whole themed thing of her bachelorette party was missing so we decided to try and get a male stripper. We called a few places and tried to get the best price and found a place to send us a guy for 140. All the other places wanted 175 to 275. Being girls we went for the cheap but after the guy was an hour late and the agent not being able to tell us where he was or when he would be coming we decided to just hit the casino. On our way down to the casino we heard another bachelorette party living it up in one of the rooms. Ballsey as we are we stopped and knocked on the door to find they had a stripper in their room. They had 2 rooms connected and let us in. We told them of what happened and even let the stripper play with our bachelorette. We split the cost of the male stripper and partied for about an hour in their room before we all headed over to the MIXX. The stripper was tall and gorgeous and we found they got him from the Savage Men male revue show only 5 minutes away. He gave us cards, we looked at each other and now realized 175 for an hour is well worth it. VIVA La SavageMen!!!!

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